A Twist on Tradition: Sera's First Birthday

In light of my younger daughter Sera turning five this weekend, wanted to reminisce and look back at her first birthday party already four years ago!  How time flies!  As the first birthday is a significant celebration in Korean culture, for her party, we wanted to highlight many cultural elements with a more modern approach.  Even now, I still love seeing all the creative efforts and talents that came together for this event and especially love looking back at the images of my little baby - as a baby! 



  • Sweets display with traditional rice cakes and nostalic Korean candies
  • Fusion Korean style tacos and kimchee quesadillas made to order and chilled Korean beverages  
  • Cherry blossom tree table arrangements with glass globes accented with fresh blooms
  • Vintage lace table overlays and custom taffeta garden rose chair skirts
  • Korean traditional dance performances
  • Freshly popped Korean rice crackers packaged on site as healthy favors
  • Birthday cake design inspired by Sera's traditional Korean dress


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